Tanta is dedicated to sharing the flavors and culture of Peru with Chicago, serving authentic Peruvian dishes and beverages in an approachable, fun and casual downtown setting. We provide service that is casual yet knowledgeable, genuine and attentive, utilizing locally sourced products and vendors that are sensitive to sustainable farming and fishing.

A collaboration between Chef Gaston Acurio and VBD Hospitality.  The menu, created by Acurio and Tanta Chicago Chef Jesus Delgado, takes guests on a voyage through Peru with its food. From the Pacific Ocean, through the Andes, to the desert, to the Amazon, Tanta celebrates the diverse landscape and various ethnicity that make up Peru’s culture. Emigrants from China, Japan, Spain, and Italy melded their respective dishes

with the native Peruvian cuisine and adopted local agriculture to create a unique melting pot of Peruvian cooking that keeps boiling to this day.

Tanta’s beverage team created a menu of Peruvian-influenced beverages that focus primarily on pisco, a grape brandy made in the wine regions of Peru, enjoyed by Peruvians and their South American neighbors for centuries. The most famous cocktail made with this interesting import, the Pisco Sour, dates back to the 1920’s and traditionally is made with pisco, lime juice, simple syrup, egg whites and bitters. In addition to the classics, Tanta’s modern-day craft cocktails are fun interpretations of Peruvian favorites inspired by local influences.